Opticast is in the process of relocating its facilities. During this process we will not be able to fill orders. We do not have a prediction at this time of when we will be able to fill orders. The website will be updated when product is available again. Thank you for your interest, and we hope to be able to fill your needs for low cost, diffraction limited mirrors in the future.

A picture of three Opticast Mirrors

Using a new patented technique, Opticast Corporation can provide low cost diffraction limited replica optical mirrors for a variety of applications. Cast in sizes up to eight inches in diameter, these mirrors cost as little as one tenth what you would pay for comparable conventionally polished optics. These mirrors are light weight, highly rigid, and can be cast in highly aspheric and asymmetric configurations. The density and thermal conductivity of the substrate can be varied to tailor their characteristics to specific applications.

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